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Custom mug to look like your photo

Custom mug to look like your photo

Product ID:mug
Snowglobe Price:$79.99
Custom made to order
Quick Overview:

Innovative! Another new concept from the makers of the best custom providers around.  Now offering a custom made mug that resembles the photo you provide to us.  This can be a male, female, pet, non living or a logo.  All mugs have a white exterior to show off the sculpting properly while the inside comes in standard white, but we offer additional options below to change the interior color.  

This mug holds approx. 11 oz of liquid.  

The mug is not microwave or not dishwasher safe, Hand wash only.

Added options include adding any type hat / glasses and even a discounted exact duplicate doll at a discounted cost.

Eye color
25 chars left
Add Eye glasses
no glasses
Yes please add glasses [+$8.00]
Yes please add sunglasses [+$11.00]
Hair color
40 chars left
Modify Mug interior color
All White mug (default)
Red Rim and handle [+$9.00]
Yellow interior [+$9.50]
Golden Yellow interior [+$9.50]
Light Green interior [+$9.50]
Green interior [+$9.50]
Light Blue interior [+$9.50]
Cambridge interior [+$9.50]
Pink inteiror [+$9.50]
Orange interior [+$9.50]
Red interior [+$9.50]
Maroon interior [+$9.50]
Blue interior [+$9.50]
Black interior [+$9.50]
Black Rim and handle [+$9.50]
Blue Rim and handle [+$9.50]
Green Rim and handle [+$9.50]
Orange Rim and handle [+$9.50]
Pink Rim and handle [+$9.50]
Yellow Rim and handle [+$9.50]
Mug options
Add a hat - describe in notes [+$8.00]
Add an exact duplicate copy [+$49.99]
Mug Photos
I will send my photos later [+$10.00]
Mug Photo Upload
Special Instructions & Comments
Your Price $79.99
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