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Custom Snow Globe Order Page
You design non living custom snow globe
You design non living custom snow globe

You design non living custom snow globe

Product ID:Fullcustom-other
Snowglobe Price:$139.99
Custom made to order
Quick Overview:

Have you ever gone on Holiday and fell in love with a building, bridge or even the house you grew up in?  This item allows our clients to create a non-living sculpture of just that.  Maybe you want to have your store front captured inside a custom snow globe, Use this order form to complete your custom snow globe.  This link allows for 1 of the items listed.  We can combine items such as a house and a car but this would be additional.

Some requests may be subject to additional charges, due to the nature of this item.  We recommend before purchase, to contact us and provide your idea concept with a photo (if possible) to our email.  While most designs would be covered in this product, a few that we have created in the past have required some additional fees.  Writing us first ensures full understanding of the scope of the desired job, so we may properly price it for you.

If an order is placed with added items that are not purchased, your order will be subject to added fees and also delays in production until sorted out.  We recommend making all the proper selections when the original order is placed.  

EX.  Ordering a house as your non living globe will include the house and the ground the house is on (grass, concrete).  If you want to add a tree that is in the front, that would be considered 1 small item on the order form.  If a specific item is not listed on the order form, please email us for pricing.  We can do almost anything that you would desire.

Make Your Custom Globe Larger
Standard 100 mm size
Upgrade 120 mm size [+$65.00]
Describe what we are making
Interior Colors
Add Base Decal Text
No thank you
Decal Text 10 or less letters [+$8.00]
Decal Text 20 or less letters [+$15.00]
Decal Text 30 or less letters [+$23.00]
If Selected Above Type Text
Snow Globe Upgrades
Add 1 Small Items [+$20.00]
Small Musical Instrument [+$30.00]
Add 2 Small Items [+$35.00]
Add a Bicycle [+$40.00]
Add a Desk and Chair [+$40.00]
add 1 larger item (ex: shed, garage, fence, piano, harp) [+$40.00]
Small 1 Pet (non bobble) [+$45.00]
Add 3 Small Items [+$50.00]
Add a Car/Motorcycle/Boat/Plane [+$60.00]
Small 2 Pet (non bobble) [+$75.00]
Custom Snow Globe Photos
I will send my photos later (details will follow) [+$5.00]
Photo Upload
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