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Order charges - Changes


We will process your order as you specify, from the order form or email that you have sent us.  Sometimes, we will need to contact you prior to beginning a project and specify if an additional charge will be necessary to complete your order.


EX..  You order a custom bobble snow globe and in the notes ask for the person to be sitting in a desk with a computer and phone on it.  The desk, chair, computer and phone are not included in a custom snow globe price listed.  We would need to charge an additional amount to make it as specified.


Change orders - once we receive your order and begin production, changes from the original order are subject to additional charges.  Meaning, if you send us a photo with a person wearing sunglasses, we will create what we see.  Once the proof is received, if you require the removal of glasses, an additional charge would apply.  This applies to body, clothing, colors as well.  As all or work is custom designed, we cannot simply remove clothing, or change a baked on color. 

Our success rate with our customer is pretty high.  We are proud of this and base it on our ability to communicate with our clients as well as draw feedback from them as we sculpt each step of their custom bobble snow globe.  The better the photo you give to us, the better we can perform for you. 


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