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Looking for a unique Holiday gift? Try a custom bobble snow globe!

Posted by Janel B. on 10/26/2016 to October 2016
As we pull out that pen and paper to create our Holiday gift lists for our loved ones, co-workers, bosses and friends this year, we realize that we need unique and different, a one of a kind gift this Holiday. At www.custombobblesnowglobes.com the options are limitless. Our artist hand sculpt your design from a picture you send to them. Did you know that it only takes 4 easy steps, to having your snow globes created? At custom bobble snow globes, the options are endless. We offer you the ability to create a person, your home or even your family pet! 

The Family Pet, really?  Yes it is true, not only can we capture the perfect likeness, but we can make your custom snow globe fun as well.  For instance, we had the pleasure, at custom bobble snow globes to receive a recent order from a customer, asking for her sweet pup to be created, as seen in the photo below.  They wanted the hat and poncho to be on the dog, oh my how cute!  This photo was used to create the custom bobble snow globe.

 During each step we provided clay proofs for the client to make approvals or denial of their custom snow globe mold.  I have to say, it was not performed the first time,however after some tweaking between our client and artist, we managed to create a really great likeness of the family pet.  We knew this custom snow globe was going to be used for a special purpose and our goal was to nail it.

After the molding was completed, we provided photo proofs of the custom bobble snow globe, showing this adorable pug, now in full color.  
The client was very pleased in the likeness and made their approval.  This meant the final process of the snow globe process was near.  

When creating a custom bobble snow globe, many back end steps are required to make the perfect water sealed snow globe.  In the end, I think you will agree, we sure captured the likeness of our clients pet, with complete detail towards not only the look of the dog, but also capturing their photo and all the accessories that went with it.  Here is the completed snow globe which our client received and praised us for a job well done.

So how did we do?  Do you think the custom bobble snow globe represents the photo our client provided to us?  Let us know with your comments, we would love to hear if you feel we have done a great job or if any modifications could have been made to make it even better?  We would love your feedback.

As a special offer, we are providing the coupon code:  val10

This will take 10% off your product total just for taking the time to read our post.  We appreciate your future business!  thank you.  Offer expires, Nov 30th..

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