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Custom Snow Globe Proofing Policy


Proofing is our way to try to ensure you will be happy with the custom bobble snow globe. All our custom bobble snow globes include the proofing fee.  However, faster orders of 1-2 weeks will waive this process and allow for internal proofing only.

Proofs allow you to become part of the custom bobble snow globe sculpting and painting process.  During the proofing of the custom bobble snow globe clay head, body (if custom made) and painting, you will receive emails showing the progress of your custom bobble snow globe.

If necessary, revisions can be made; a maximum of two revisions for molding and one revision for paint is allowed at no charge, additional revisions are subject to a $10.00 fee per revision over the set forth terms and we exclusively have the right to process additional modifications at no charge at our discretion.    

MOLDED HEAD / BODY: Once approval is received there will be no more revisions as the custom bobble snow globe is baked.

PAINTED / COMPLETED PROOFS: Once approved there are no more revisions allowed and the custom bobble snow globe is sealed and processed for final shipment. 

REVISIONS can and will effect delivery times, therefore multi-revisions will normally exceed your expected delivery date as we need your email authorization to proceed from step to step. 

It is noted that custom bobble snow globes are more of a caricature of the person and does not necessarily mirror 100% of that person's likeness. We stand by our skilled artisans, they have been hand sculpting and painting custom bobble snow globes for nearly a decade, however if you expect to receive a Michelangelo or a Picasso custom bobble snow globe this product is not for you and we strongly urge you not to purchase.

 We will provide a custom bobble snow globe head proof that is approved by our client and then we will bake the material.  By doing so, we can no longer make any changes to the custom bobble snow globe head.  When the custom bobble snow globe completed proof comes, the photo may be at a different angle and appear different.  It is the same as when approved in clay.  Another item we have seen in the past, is that once color is provided our client may believe it changed the custom bobble snow globe.  Again, it is the same, however paint can cause (along with a photo flash of the camera taking the photo), the item to seem different then the clay as well.  Again, once the clay was baked, it is not possible to change and the color proof is the same as the clay head.

If our client at this stage is not happy with their custom bobble snow globe, we can offer a few suggestions:

  • Try to recolor the head - modification of colors can make a large difference to the outcome
  • Re-sculpt the head- this will impose the 55.00 fee.  We also would recommend a new photo to use to sculpt from
  • Order is considered complete.   We will simply send the custom bobble snow globe to you.  This is used in the event we propose the solutions and our client is not willing to accept any.  At this time, no further adjustments are being requested and the refusal to re-sculpt the previously approved head leaves us the only solution - which is to send the globe and consider the job complete.  Our orders are custom made to order.  During the checkout procedure, we set forth terms and agreements on our no return policy and time line policy.  This is mandatory and agreed to by our clients in order to place their order.  Therefore, we have no choice to consider the order complete and mail the item.
  • Refusal of a mailed item:  In the event the job defaults to become complete and we send the custom bobble snow globe/s.  Our clients have the right to refuse delivery and turn it back to the sender.  If this happens, we will receive the custom bobble snow globe/s back, but it does not cancel the terms of the order set forth during the checkout.  If an order is returned to us, we will hold it for 30 days.  We can resend the order to the client with a written request - an additional shipping fee will be added before re-shipment of your globe, as we already spent the shipping money on the first attempt.


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